ElringKlinger AG

Research & Development

Innovation as key growth driver
ElringKlinger’s research and development activities are centered on optimization of the combustion engine, alternative drive technologies, new lightweight construction methods. Within our traditional product groups (metal gaskets, shielding technology and lightweight plastic components) we develop new concepts that help directly or indirectly to reduce emissions of CO2 and other pollutants such as hydrocarbons, particulates and nitrogen oxides.

The impressive culture of innovation we have established at ElringKlinger is the most important building block of all when it comes to ensuring the company’s long-term success. With a view to maintaining and extending its technological edge well into the future, in 2014 ElringKlinger again increased its spending on research and development.

  2014 2013* 2012 2011 2010
R&D (in EUR million) 57.3 56.7 57.3 49.9 40.6
R&D ratio 4.3 % 4.9 % 5.1 % 4.8 % 5.1 %
Capitalization ratio 16.0 % 15.8 % 14.7 % 13.4 % 14.1 %

*Since 2013, amortization of capitalized R&D expenses has been recognized in cost of sales. R&D expenses for the 2013 financial year were adjusted in 2014 due to the first-time application of IFRS 11.

This is reflected in our current portfolio. Around one third of our products are less than three years old. In order to deal with so many new projects, ElringKlinger has consistently increased its personnel capacity in those of its departments with links to R&D.

Pioneering products. Outstanding innovations.
ElringKlinger has established a centralized patent department at Group level to safeguard its leading position in the fields of product development and process technology by protecting its technical expertise and intellectual property rights. In 2014 alone, we applied for 94 new German and international patents.

The Group’s centralized R&D structure allows it to limit the risks of technology transfer, loss of expertise and copying.

Our innovative products have won us numerous awards. In 2014, for example, we received the Innovation Award from ZF Friedrichshafen AG, one of our biggest customers, for a novel “sandwich” transmission control plate design.